Company Pavel Blazek, packaging machinery, is a specialist in the design and manufacture of packaging machines and as an additional service offers packing sugar into promotional packaging. This option is very popular within restaurants, hotels, etc., but it is very useful for any company that is interested in drawing attention (in case of printing logo).

We have special packaging machine for sugar packaging. Based on your requirements we provide printing preparation and foil printing, sugar packing into stickpacks and further to a carton box or a plastic cup. We also can arrange a graphical design of the packaging foil.

The most popular type of advertising sugar is with printed logo of your company, i.e. the promotion of own company, brand or product. These sugar sticks are packed into wrapping foil and then into cardboard boxes of 1000 pcs. or into plastic cups with 50 pcs of sugar sticks and into a carton with 20 plastic cups. As a second option, interesting due to its low price, are sugar sticks packed into a packing foil with general printed cover. The advantage is packing material for free. Approximate price for 1 piece of sugar is from CZK 0,26 excl. VAT.

In case of your interest in a quote for single portion packed sugar, please fill in the inquiry form below.


Offer includes: sugar, prepress, printing, packing materiál, packing, carton box/plastic cups

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