To ensure accurate target dose weight of packed goods and to maintain minimum losses when packing are the packaging machines BLAŽEK equipped with appropriate efficient dosing devices. A different type of doser is always suitable for dosing loose, liquid or piece goods. All dosing devices are thoroughly designed and precisely manufactured from high quality materials and precisely dose packed goods according to the set parameters.

All BLAŽEK dosers are designed with regards to careful handling with the packed goods, are made of high quality stainless steel and meet the strict criteria of the food industry (food contact) and customer requirements. They are very low maintenance and cleaning. Our dosing devices are supplied as a part of the packaging machine.

LOOSE COMMODITY - ADX (volumetric flap), ALD (volumetric slide), AHS2/AHS4 (horizontal auger), ASDN (vertical auger), ADT (gear)   

PIECE COMMODITY - ADS3/ADS8 (horizontal auger), ADD (tablet dosing), ADV (weighers), multihead weighers 

LIQUID COMMODITY - ADP (piston pipes), ADZ (gear pumps), filling systems   

More than 100 years of BLAZEK company tradition is a guarantee of quality and our reliable dosing equipment ensure precise dosage of packed goods.