BLAŽEK is a leading manufacturer of vertical automatic packaging machines and complete packaging lines and supplies to the whole world. BLAZEK specializes in the design and manufacture of packaging machinery, handling equipment and other accessories (dosing equipment for bulk and liquid products, dosing pumps, filling and exit conveyors and much more) for single portions packing into stickpacks, pyramidal or flat bags. Packaging machines are suitable for packing of loose (sugar, salt, coffee, instant cream, tea etc.), liquid (ketchup, dressings, mustard, mayonnaise, honey, drugstore goods etc.) or for products of non-food origin (wood pellets, drugstore goods, gaskets etc.). Customer satisfaction and quality of our manufactured packaging machinery is the main goal of BLAZEK company. We choose an individual approach to the customer and solve his specific requirements, preparing "tailor-made" offers according to his requirements, wishes and needs. We provide delivery, installation and service of our packaging machines and accessories in warranty and post-warranty period, manufacturing of spare parts and rebuilding packaging machines (different size, different number of tubes). We also focus on full automation of packaging segments in the food industry, deliver complete packaging lines, including cartoning device, date printers and other appropriate accessories.

More than 100 years history of BLAŽEK family business dates back to 1908, when it was founded by Josef Blazek. In 1951 the company's history was interrupted for 40 years, and resumed by the founder´s grandson Josef Blazek in 1991. In 2011, the great grandson Pavel Blazek took over the company and figures in the market under the name Pavel Blažek, balicí stroje, s. r. o. (packaging machinery).

Customer satisfaction and quality of our manufactured packaging machinery always comes first. We choose an individual approach to customers and solve their specific requirements; we prepare "tailor-made" offers according to customers’ wishes and needs. The quality of our equipment is underlined by supplies not only to the Czech Republic, but mainly abroad.

We provide delivery, installation and service of our packaging machines and accessories in warranty and post-warranty period, production of spare parts, tuning packaging machine (different size, different number of tubes) and overhaul / rebuilding.

The basic program of BLAZEK company is the design and manufacture of efficient packaging machinery and other accessories. Packaging machines are offered in the following series: ABM EN, ABM D, ABM N, PBM-X, ABG, AMT, PBT, APK, Doublestick and Tstix. We always recommend a suitable type of packaging machines, including accessories for the desired packed product. Packaging machines of lower class (e.g. ABM D) are attractive particularly for customers with lower performance demands by its simplicity and interesting low price. Packaging machines of higher class (e.g. ABM EN) are characterized by their reliability, high performance and versatility in the packed product types.

Automatic packaging machines are controlled by Siemens control systems and are driven by electro-pneumatic drive. Packaging machines are characterized by their reliability and versatility, control is user-friendly and hassle free, conversions to another format are very fast and uncomplicated. Packaging machinery can be delivered completely in stainless steel finish for food packaging.

For more information about automatic vertical packaging machines Blazek, see Packaging machines section, inquiries and questions should be sent to the email info@blazekvlasim.cz or by completing the inquiry form.

BLAZEK company history

2013 - at the beginning of the year the company introduced its new identity in the form of a new logo. In April, the company has received funding from the European Regional Development Fund Program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Already in May, began the demolition work disused sheds, structural modifications of existing administrative, manufacturing buildings and construction work on a new office building in Vlašimi. At the end of the year the new web presentation was introduced.
Vitana, a. s., company uses our packaging machines to pack their spice pyramids. Vitana had received an award for such type of packing CONSUMER'S CHOICE 2013 - Best Novelty. We are very happy about this success..

2012 - this year the company entered a program in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Property) under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and CzechInvest and established by the European Regional Development Fund.The manufacturing program expanded for another accessories to packaging machines, especially a winding station ANA, manipulator for briquettes or weighing and bagging equipment AVP.
Hong Kong became the next destination where our packaging machine was sent.

2011 – the company was taken over by the great-grandson of the founder, Pavel Blazek while operates on the market under the name Pavel Blazek, balicí stroje s. r. o.

2010 - cooperation with Nutriset company continues to our great joy, this year we deliver several more packaging machines.

2009 - this year we managed to establish a cooperation with Nutriset company. Further cooperation is being negotiated.

2008 - this was a successful year for the company in obtaining two awards – Pack of the year 2008 and Worldstar for Packaging 2008 in recognition of packaging Tstix (loose tea).

2007 - due to the large interest in ecological heating with wood pellets the demand for packaging machines for packing 15 kg bags of wood pellets has increased. We upgraded packaging machine for bulk packaging and presented as ABG, this packaging machine packs not only fuel.
Another destination for the delivery of our packaging technology is Mexico and we have produced a new packaging machine DoubleStick who is a master in the packing of two types of goods in one bag with two chambers.
The company´s founder Josef Blazek passed away in 1991.

2006 - this year was successful in cooperation with Tstix company that came on the market with original implementation of tea bags with loose tea. We are pleased that this tea is packed by our specially designed packaging machine Tstix.

2004 - at the beggining of the year we managed to expand the export map for Australia. The aim is to increase productivity through modern technology and organization of production with the same number of employees.

2003 - the company is experiencing continuous growth. Manufactures and sells packaging machines for packing one portion packs, especially for stick packs and pyramidal bags, not only for sugar packing. Also packaging machines for other products packing are sold, such as cream, instant coffee, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, salad dressings, cheeses, ice creams and much more. All handling equipment for automation of packaging lines are also successfully delivered. Single tube packaging machine PBM-X is the newcomer of the year, makes pyramidal bags, multihead weighers were successfully installed with this packaging machine. Furthermore, renewed production of small packaging machine ABM 5D that was renamed after upgrading some parts (ABM 5DE). Another very important point of development is handling with packed bags – cartoning of 20 bags into carton boxes, the task is successfully accomplished.

2002 - number of employees increased to 45, the turnover in 2001 was 50 million CZK. The vast majority - namely 99 % - of our production goes to export. The network of our representatives in the world extends. The company receives an international award for the quality of its products in March.

2001 - all our forces are dedicated to the development of new types of packaging machines and dosing equipment for liquids and pastes. A genuine solution of ADZ dosing device was created and the performance of the packaging machine ABM EN is still improving. A presence at international fairs and brand awareness increases, the quality of produced packaging machines is successfully increased.

2000 - the company employs 30 staff. Customers are located not only in Europe but also in Africa and America. The company focuses on the production of packaging machines for one portion packs, packing of sugar into stick packs and pyramidal bags becomes a specialty. The aim is to design each packaging machine to suit specific customer and to the highest satisfaction.

1999 - the company reaches double the turnover from 1997 and therefore it needs larger production facilities for further development, relocates to Vlašim, Jungmannova street.

1997 - a new series of packaging machines ABM 5E was launched and is successfully offered in the whole Europe.

1994 - company was presented at world fairs of packaging technology for the first time.

1992 - buildings in Chlumec nad Cidlinou were returned back to the company and the business was reopened.

1991 - the company Josef Blazek J&B was refounded by Josef Blazek, grandson of the founder, this time based in Vlašim. The company trades was "building of machines with mechanical drive." The company becomes to focus on the development and manufacture of packaging machinery.

History of Josef Blazek company was discontinued for 40 years of the socialist Czechoslovakia.

1951 - the entire facilities, including all equipment and buildings were nationalized.

1948 - the implementation of the extension and renovation of buildings, including the modernization of the facility.

1936 - the company founder Josef Blazek died, the sons Ladislav and Josef took over.

1922 - current premises were insufficient and so the company moved to a new address Klicperova 80, Chlumec nad Cidlinou.

1908 - Josef Blazek founded a company Josef Blazek on the 1st February 1908 in Chlumec nad Cidlinou. The core of the company was mechanical trade.