Conveyor systems are generally used to transport goods from point A to point B, for example, from the silo to the hopper of the packaging machine or from a packaging machine for further manipulation.

Packaging machines are supplied with an exit conveyor to ensure continuity. The exit conveyor performance equals the packaging machine. Conveyors are precisely designed and manufactured from high quality steel with a layer of komaxit varnish or, upon customers request from quality stainless steel, meeting the stringent requirements of the food industry (food contact). Our exit conveyors are belt/modular and very flexible to manufacture, for special requirements are tailor-made (length, width belt design). Exit conveyor transport packed goods in bags for further handling, for example into a carton, the cartoning equipment etc. Feeding conveyors are also flexible to manufacture and ensure transfer of goods to the hopper above the packaging machine. Feeding conveyors are made of harmless materials. They are easy to maintain and clean. Most of our manufactured exit conveyors may be equipped with stepping function.

Feeding conveyors – AŠV4/AŠV2, Z 24-027

Exit conveyors – ADO 1A, ADO 2/1A, ADO 3, ADO 4/1, ADO 4/2T, ADO 5/1Z, ADO-M1, ADO-M2, TRANSFER CONVEYOR I. TO APD, TRANSFER CONVEYOR II. FROM APD (all conveyors may be fitted with a stepping function)

Conveyor systems - AMN 6/5

More than 100 years of BLAZEK company tradition is a guarantee of quality and our reliable conveyors ensure a smooth transfer of goods to the designated place.