ASV feeding auger conveyor transports loose, dusty or granular product into a hopper of the packaging machine. It is used in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry. ASV2 - spiral auger - suitable for sugar. AŠV4 - full auger - suitable for dusty goods such as flour, powdered sugar, cream powder, fine powder.

Fully automatic feeding conveyor provides transportation and movement of loose, dusty and granulated products in particular into hopper of the packaging machine. The principle of the doser is to transport goods vertically from the drop to the dump. Auger rotates in rolling bearings and moves goods through a discharge pipe in the body of the auger conveyor from the ground silo to the hopper above the packaging machine. The hopper is fitted with a sensor for product level control, which provides automatic feed of the product from the silo to the hopper. Auger conveyors are used in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Conveyors are made of stainless steel and other harmless materials depending on the packaged goods. The advantage is the ease of cleaning.

Silo for storage of goods is an integral part of the set with the feeding conveyor ASV that transports goods from the silo to the hopper of the packaging machine.  The silo is connected with the control system of the packaging machine. When there is a low levels of goods in the hopper, the level sensor signals the packaging machine and then further to the feeding conveyor ASV for an automatic completion of the required quantity of goods in the hopper.

Type AŠV4 (full auger) - flour, powdered sugar, plaster, dried cream, drink mixes and other fine powders
Type ASV2 (spiral auger) - granulated sugar, crystal sugar etc.

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