Attractive pyramidal shape of bags is created by two pairs of cross jaws closing bags alternately by 90° (single tube packaging machine) or by a group of rotating longitudinal jaws by 90° around the tube (multi-tube packaging machine) and thus creating a pyramidal shaped bag. It may also be identified as triangle or tetrahedron. Pyramidal bags are made of heat sealable packing foil and suitable for packing the required goods. Those bags can also be supplemented with seal precut for easy opening. Pyramidal bags are suitable for packing diverse products, from loose teas, spices, rice, sweets to drug products (shampoos, masks, conditioners). In the case of packing goods into boiling bags (especially teas, spices and rice) more internal space is valued. These bags have more inner space over other bag types, ensures perfect spread and rotation of boiled or cooked products, taste and smell stand out better in the meal and thanks to movement naturally unfold.
Packaging machines: AMT, APK, PBT-K, PBT-D, PBM-X