Automatic packaging line for group packing consists of a Z-shaped output conveyor (transport of bags from the packaging machine), vertical packaging single-tube machine ABM N, and an output conveyor, possibly supplemented by cartoning equipment (station) AMN 6/5E. This line is specially designed for packing of predetermined number of bags with goods into a larger bag.
If the required number of bags in the group packaging is divisable by the number of tubes of the packaging machine, the line is equipped by an output conveyor ADO 5/1 Z-shape, packaging machine performs appropriate number of cycles and the exact number of bags is taken away from the packaging machine to a hopper of packaging machine ABM N, those fall through a tube, and are enclosed into a larger bag sealed on three sides.
In case a different number of bags is required in the group other than a number divisable by the number of tubes of the packaging machine (packaging into individual bags), the line is equipped with an output conveyor AMN 9/1 with individual lanes and a conveyor ADO 5/1Z with compartments, each compartment is filled by predetermined number of bags into the group pack (1 compartment = 1 dose). They are then transferred to a hopper of the packaging machine ABM N. Final bags are either moved by an output conveyor for further handling or by cartoning device for packing into cardboard boxes.
The line can be supplemented with additional equipment, such as weight control, metal detector, date printer, easy opening, and/or cutting station for euro hole.
Output: 65 group bags/min.