Automatic winding station ANA. Winds bag chains onto reels. Suitable for winding and storing. Number of reels corresponds with number of tubes of the packaging machines. Empty stick detector, length detector, bag counting in a chain.

Specifications: • includes bag chain container • empty bag detector • bag length check • counting of bags in chain • device stopping when a required number of bags on a reel has been winded • each tube of the packaging machine has 2 winding positions to speed up replacements • el. connection – 3x 380 V + N + PE • power consumption – approx. 5 kW • compressed air consumption - 10 l/min

3D: Navíječka řetězů ANA.jpg
Technical drawing: Navíječka řetězů ANA7.jpg
Note: measurements may vary
Download: FINAL_ANA.pdf